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Chef Huang 是一家致力于将传统中国美食与创新相结合的创意餐厅。主厨兼创办人黄先生是一位拥有20多年烹饪经验的资深大厨,擅长粤菜,川菜,北方菜多种菜系,曾在2015 年纽约美食大赛中拔得头筹.
黄大厨善于不断研究和开发创新菜和特色菜,巧妙的运用“中西合璧”的烹饪手法,打破传统理念,炮制独特内涵,使经典中餐更具风味,造型更加精致。真正的做到“色 香 味 形” 俱全.

Chef Huang is a creative restaurant dedicated to combining traditional Chinese cuisine with innovation. Chef and founder Mr. Huang is a senior chef with more than 20 years of cooking experience, specializing in Cantonese, Sichuan, and northern cuisines. He won the top prize in the 2015 New York Food Competition.
Chef Huang is good at constantly researching and developing innovative dishes and special dishes. He skillfully uses the cooking technique of "combining Chinese and Western", breaking traditional concepts, concocting unique connotations, and making classic Chinese food more flavorful and more refined. Really achieve "color, flavor and shape".

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